Whether you're looking to build character at home or in the classroom, recognised kindness days are a great time to start a kindness campaign.

Kindness is a good old-fashioned value that does a lot more than just build character. Did you know that it can also:


  • increase happiness
  • enhanced feelings of gratitude
  • improve concentration and academic results
  • reduce depression

These are just a few of the amazing benefits but you can see the full list by reading our article about why kindness should be taught in schools to reduce bullying.

Kindness days

Back to the kindness days I mentioned! There are several Internationally recognised kindness days throughout the year. These are the ones you should pop on your calendar.

  • Random Acts of Kindness Day - 17 February
  • Pay It Forward Day - 28 April 
  • World Kindness Day - 13 November

Get your free kindness checklists 

Each year, we encourage adults and children to download our kindness checklists to help them participate in these positive events. Checking off good deeds is a fun and rewarding activity kids and parents can do together or challenge one another by both printing a list.​

Kids are to check off three or more items in each of four categories; kindness at school, kindness at home, kindness in the community and kindness with an adult.

The adult list also has four categories; kindness to others, kindness to yourself, low cost kindness and kindness with kids.

Both versions of our list have been downloaded thousands of times and kids from all round the world send us photos of their completed lists! 

Young boy holding his kindness checklist to show how many acts of kindness he performed.
8 year old girl holding a Ripple Kindness Project Kindness Checklist
Little girl holding a Ripple Kindness Checklist she has completed.

This year we decided it was time for a spruce up and our kids list has had some subtle changes like a few new kindness ideas and an improved page for coloring!

We encourage as many kids and adults as possible to join us on kindness days. We like to take advantage of the entire week that day falls in to give everyone a chance to check off as many acts as possible. 

Join us to spread kindness far and wide - download your kindness checklist below.

Adults can join in with their kids by getting their own checklist HERE.

Get your school involved!

Each year we have teachers download the lists to get their students involved to create a positive culture in their school. It fills our hearts knowing that we're able to reach so many young people to nurture the gift of giving as an instinctive and natural part of who they are. 

After some schools contacted to ask for customised lists for their classrooms, we decided it was best to create a blank Google Slides version where teachers could make their own. This way they could ask their students to contribute acts of kindness in each of the categories or have them copy the Google Slides document and create their own. We also made a list for working in groups so students could enjoy making a difference together. Teachers can find our editable checklist on our TpT store along with a range of kindness and emotional intelligence resources that complement our year-long social-emotional learning curriculum.  

Share your completed checklists HERE!

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