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How to Use Free Kindness Coloring Pages to Empower Students

Free Kindness Coloring Pages And Instructions For Multiple Ways To Use Them To Empower Students And Create A Positive Classroom Community.

You see 3 free kindness coloring pages for your students. I see an incredibly powerful resource with countless ways to embed values and build a positive classroom community!

Ah, the humble coloring page. Many teachers see them as a quick and easy brain break for their students or a fun filler activity for early finishers.

The truth is, like so many things in life, there’s a lot more to them if you explore a little further. There are lots of benefits to coloring and they become more powerful if they include empowering quotes!

The free kindness coloring pages I’m sharing today will brighten your classroom AND enrich your students’ learning experience. They're also a fantastic and easy Random Acts of Kindness Day activity. Let me show you how to use them.


Introduce Your Free Kindness Coloring Pages

Download your coloring pages and print them out. Use them in the order listed below.

FREE Kindness Coloring Pages!

Free Kindness Coloring Pages For Kids To Color. Download Them For Random Acts Of Kindness Day. By Ripple Kindness Sel Activities.

Explain how simple acts of kindness can make a big difference in our lives and the lives of others. Let students know they will be working with special coloring pages that allow them to be creative and help them understand what it means to be kind.

Explain how kindness comes in many forms. It can be seen in our actions, heard in our words, and felt in our support for one another. Highlight how each coloring page depicts a different aspect of kindness. From acknowledging our ability to spread kindness, encouraging friends, and supporting those in need.

Describe each of the kindness coloring pages briefly:

  • COLORING PAGE 1 - "Kindness is Your Superpower"
    Shows children holding hands to symbolize unity and collective strength. The words reinforce the idea that we can all make a positive impact just by being kind. It encourages students to recognize and use their powers of empathy and compassion.
  • COLORING PAGE 2 - "Kind People Support Others"
    Depicts a scene where two girls are consoling a crying boy, accompanied by the word "support." It shows that everyone has challenges and sadness, but they don't have to face them alone. Being there for others with a shoulder to lean on is a supportive action that provides hope and comfort.
  • COLORING PAGE 3 - "Kind People Encourage Others"
    Features a boy cheering up another by offering him a ball. This simple but profound gesture shows how acts of kindness can encourage and uplift. The word "encourage" is a reminder that our actions, no matter how small, can have a significant positive impact. It encourages students to consider the joy and connection that kindness fosters.

Class Discussion

There’s a lot to unpack in the images and messages on these free kindness coloring pages. If you allocate some time, it can lead to some enlightening conversations. Here are some questions to ask your grade with sample answers:

Coloring Page 1 - Kindness is Your Superpower

  • What do you think this picture is trying to tell us?
    Answer: It shows us that being kind, like holding hands or helping others, can make a big difference and make people happy.
  • How do you feel when you see the children holding hands?
    Answer: I feel happy and think that the children look like good friends.
  • Can you think of a time when someone was kind to you? How did it make you feel?
    Answer: Yes, once my friend shared their lunch with me when I forgot mine. It made me feel cared for and happy.
  • Why do you think kindness is called a superpower?
    Answer: Because just like a superhero helps people and makes things better, our acts of kindness can help and make someone's day better.
  • What are some ways you can use your kindness superpower at school?
    Answer: I can help others with their work, share my snacks, or play with someone who is alone during recess.
  • What can happen when we all use our kindness superpower?
    Answer: If everyone is kind, school becomes a happier place where everyone feels safe and loved.
  • How does holding hands make people feel more connected?
    Answer: It’s a way of showing that you are there for each other and like one another. When you hold someone's hand, it's like saying, "I'm with you, and we're in this together." It can make us feel safer and less alone, especially if we're feeling scared or sad.
  • How does holding someone’s hand make you feel?
    Answer: I feel calmer and less anxious because the warmth of someone’s hand is comforting.
  • If you could draw another child into this picture, what would they be doing?
    Answer: I would draw them laughing and jumping around with the others, showing they are all having a good time together.
  • Who in your life is really good at using their kindness superpower? What do they do?
    Answer: My mom is really good at using her kindness superpower. She always listens to me when I'm sad and helps me with my homework.

"Kindness is Your Superpower" Coloring Page is Part of This Pack

Coloring Page 2 - Kind People Support Others

  • What is happening in this picture?
    Answer: Two girls are comforting a boy who seems to be upset. 
  • Why do you think the boy is crying?
    Maybe he had a bad day, lost something important, is lonely, or got hurt.
  • How do you think the girls are trying to help the boy?
    Answer: They are probably saying kind words to him, telling him it will be okay, or just being there with him so he doesn't feel alone.
  • How would you help a friend who was feeling scared, sad, or lonely?
    Answer: I would try to be there for them by listening to them talk about what's bothering them. I would stay close by, so they know they're not alone. I might also tell them a joke to make them smile or invite them to play a game with me.
  • How do you think the boy feels having his friends there for him?
    Answer: I think he feel better because it's nice to know people care about you when you're sad. 
  • Can you think of a time when you helped a friend who was upset? What did you do?
    Answer: Yes, one time my friend fell down and scraped her knee, and I helped her up and got a teacher to help us with a bandage. I stayed with her until she felt better.
  • Why is it important to support others when they are sad?
    Answer: Supporting others when they're sad shows that we care about them. It helps them feel loved and not so alone. Plus, it can help you get through hard times.
  • What are some other ways we can show support to someone who is feeling down?
    Answer: We can listen to them talk about their feelings, give them a hug if they like, make them a card, or do something nice for them to cheer them up.

"Kind People Support Others" Coloring Sheet is a Sample from This Pack

Coloring Page 3 - Kind People Encourage Others

  • What do you think is happening in this picture?
    Answer: Perhaps the sad boy is new and wants to be included in the game because he doesn’t have any friends at the school yet. The other boy came over to invite him to play.
  • Why do you think giving the ball might make the sad boy feel better?
    Answer: It made him feel like he’s been seen and good that he was invited to be part of the group playing and can make some friends.
  • How do you think the sad boy feels about the other boy offering him the ball?
    Answer: I think it made the sad boy like him straight away and he feels like he belongs.
  • Can you think of a time when you tried to make someone feel better? What did you do?
    Answer: Once when my friend was upset about losing a game, I told her that it's okay, we can play again, and that she did a great job.
  • What are some ways you can encourage someone who is feeling down?
    Answer: I can say kind words to them, invite them to do something fun like play a game or draw together, or just sit with them and listen if they want to talk about what's making them sad.
  • Why is it important to encourage others?
    Answer: Encouraging others helps them feel better and can make a big difference in their day. It shows we care and are there for them, which can make them feel loved and important.
  • What are some words you can say to encourage someone who is feeling down or scared?
    Answer: You can say things like "You're doing a great job," "I believe in you," or "It's okay to feel sad sometimes, but I'm here for you."
  • How can encouraging someone help you too?
    Answer: When you encourage others, it makes you feel good because you're doing something kind and helpful. It also helps you build stronger relationships with your friends, and they're more likely to encourage you back when you need it.
  • Can you think of a time when someone encouraged you? How did it make you feel?
    Answer: Once, when I was nervous about a test, my friend told me I would do great because I had studied hard. It made me feel confident and less worried.

"Kind People Encourage Others" Writing Worksheet is From This Pack

Coloring the Sheets

Now it's time for a peaceful but thoughtful coloring session. Set a calming mood with some gentle background music.

Hand out the coloring pages along with a variety of crayons, markers, or colored pencils. Encourage students to think back to your discussion as they color. Ask them to consider how they can incorporate the theme of the page into their daily lives. 

Explain that their coloring page reflects their understanding of kindness. They might use bright colors to show the joy kindness brings or cool tones for comfort and support. Every piece of art will be unique, just like them.

Chat with the students about their color choices as they're coloring. Ask them what part of the image speaks to them the most.

Let students know they’ll have a chance to share their artwork and discuss how it connects to your kindness themes. This builds excitement and enthusiasm for them to share and celebrate each other’s creative works of art.

Personalized Strategies

The third coloring sheet includes thought bubbles where students can write three ways to encourage others. This is a fantastic opportunity for them to think deeply about how they can actively uplift and support their friends and family.

Students can reflect on your Q&A session for this coloring page to get ideas for personal strategies they can use. Ask a few students to share what they wrote and discuss ways the whole grade can encourage one another moving forward.

Sharing and Reflecting

Did you know that 65% of people find visual learning more effective? Hanging posters in your classroom is a stimulating way for children to absorb material even when they’re just looking around the room. When they see positive messages regularly, they subconsciously start to seep into their brain, just like an affirmation

When students have colored your coloring pages, use them as posters and create a bulletin board. Allow students to examine each piece of art on display and ask them to notice that none of them is the same. They all have differences just like the people who colored them and that's what makes them unique.  

You could also assign one coloring page from your bulletin board for each student to critique. As an act of kindness, they can write a compliment about it for the student to keep.    

Creative Writing 

Extend the lesson into a creative writing activity. There are some ideas below suitable for different ages and levels of ability:

  • Personal Experience Narrative
    Write a short story about a personal experience where kindness made a difference. This story should reflect the theme of their coloring page, emphasizing how they used or witnessed kindness as a powerful tool in real-life situations.
  • Fictional Kindness Story
    Craft a fictional short story where the characters encounter challenges and overcome them using the lessons of kindness depicted on the coloring page. Encourage students to create imaginative scenarios that explore the impacts of kindness in unique and creative ways.
  • Themed Poem
    Compose a poem that captures the essence of the theme from the coloring page. Students can play with rhymes, free verse, or haikus to express what kindness, support, or encouragement means to them in a poetic format.
  • Letter of Kindness
    Write a letter complimenting, encouraging, or supporting someone they know. It could be a classmate, family member, or friend. This letter should embody the spirit of the coloring page’s message, offering words that uplift and convey genuine care and empathy.
  • Reflective Journal Entry
    Encourage students to write a journal entry reflecting on times when they have been kind or have received kindness from others. 
  • Hero Story
    Ask students to write a story about a hero whose superpower is the type of kindness depicted on the coloring page. This narrative could explore how everyday acts of kindness can save the day and change lives, reinforcing the idea that anyone can be a hero through their actions.

So, there you have it! Lots of wonderful ways you can use the humble coloring page!

You can use these strategies with any coloring page as long as there's enough content on it. It helps if it has some meaningful wording as all of my coloring pages do to help enhance the learning experience.

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