FREE Kindness Printables for Kids and Adults

If you want to build connections, foster positive character traits, and increase engagement in your classroom you need social-emotional learning resources and my free printable kindness worksheets for elementary students.  

My range of free printable kindness activities and paid SEL resources help teachers and parents weave kindness and giving into their classrooms and homes.

Working through this page you'll find some of my free kindness printables for kids, online jigsaw puzzles, kindness checklists, coloring bookmarks, SEL coloring pages, my popular kindness fortune teller, coping strategies for anxiety and mental health, and lots more. But if you don't find what you need here, visit my TPT store for lots more!

Popular social-emotional learning resources available on TPT.

A Range Of Lessons, Worksheets, Posters, And Coloring Pages To Teach Elementary Students How To Manage Emotions Such As Anger And Anxiety.

Fun SEL activities teach coping skills and anger management strategies to regulate and release negative emotions. Students are equipped with empowering tools to help with sadness, worry, anger, and anxiety.

They learn calm breathing, mindfulness, and positive affirmations. They understand how to identify and classify worries to manage emotions, boost confidence, and improve emotional wellbeing and behavior.

Myo Kindness Coloring Pages Copy It Cover

Unlock a year's worth of SEL activities and save $40 with this comprehensive back-to-school kindness bundle. It's your ultimate toolkit for promoting care, respect, and positive behavior in your classroom.

Reinforce essential character traits and create an inclusive, kind classroom culture with exciting challenges, collaborative bulletin boards, individual and group activities, writing, coloring pages, and more.  

Grab this low-prep SEL kindness challenge
where students color bookmarks with positive phrases and sneak off to the library on a fun kindness mission to hide their gifts. The more bookmarks they color and hide, the greater impact their kindness will have!

As they color the kindness quotes, they are repeating a mantra to encourage positive thinking and kind behavior that leads to a happy, supportive, and inclusive classroom.

Kindness Coloring Pages Where Students Use Math To Find The Number Of The Colors They Need To Use. A Color By Numbers Activity For Elementary Students.

Engage students with these unique kindness coloring pages. This color-by-number activity is a creative way to reinforce addition and subtraction as students determine the number associated with each color. 

The count and color worksheets can also be used as a fun, no-prep mindfulness activity when students need a brain break. Kids will be improving fine motor skills and spatial awareness as an added bonus!

Kindness Checklists For Kids Ripple Kindness Sel Activities

Teachers asked for a kindness checklist they could customize to suit their grade. This resource provides the convenience of print-and-use worksheets and a Google Slides™ version where students or teachers can add their own acts of kindness. 

There is also a print and digital option for a collaborative activity where students work in groups to complete a kindness challenge. 

Use This Get To Know Me Booklet At The Start Of The Year Or Whenever There Are Friendship Issues In Your Class.

This Getting to Know Me book is a friendship and ice breaker activity for students to connect and interact with their classmates.

Students assemble their booklet, share about family, pets, favorites, and goals but also highlight friendship and positive character traits they appreciate.

Books can be shared at the start of the year for students to get to know one another. 

Kindness Coloring Pages Ripple Kindness Sel Activities

Our wildly popular kindness coloring pages are a fun, no-prep mindfulness activity that are perfect for students who need a brain break so they can focus on their school work.

Apart from being a great way to bust boredom at home, coloring helps children develop fine motor skills and hand eye co-ordination. With messages of kindness, they also nurture positive character traits. They're also perfect as kindness week coloring pages.

An Ice-Breaker Board Game To Help Students Build Friendships And Address Difficult Relationships.

This friendship board game with getting to know you icebreaker question cards and team-building challenges is a great way to build relationships. It’s also a fabulous classroom management resource if you have friendship problems in your classroom.

This friendship activity is unlike other board games where students work against one another because the aim of this game is to work together in teams to “win” a friendship.

Kindness Coloring Pages With Positive Quotes For Students To Trace Over To Practice Writing And Strengthen The Small Muscles In Their Hands Needed For Control.

Based on our best-selling kindness coloring pages, these kindness worksheets also include letter tracing to enhance reading, writing, spelling, fine motor skills, and spatial awareness for younger students. 

The worksheets feel like fun, but students are learning pencil control to improve writing while building positive character traits as they take a brain break to calm themselves or refocus for the next task.

Improve Classroom Community With This Interactive Activity Students Complete Online. An Acts Of Kindness Challenge That Teaches Students To Be Bucket Fillers.

This online SEL activity is a fun interactive kindness and friendship lesson. A printable or digital activity with 5 kindness challenges that's perfect for 4th, 5th & 6th grade during Random Acts of Kindness Week.

Students type into fields or write about the kindness they did, how the recipient reacted, and how it made them feel. They can check off each good deed to track their progress and are rewarded when they're done. 

Engage students in a fun back-to-school craft to create a stunning kindness quilt or collaborative poster for your bulletin board.

With 30 coloring pages as quilt squares, it serves as a mindfulness activity, promoting calmness and focus. The Google Slides™ templates can double as writing prompts for students to contribute their unique positive messages, fostering creativity and a sense of community in your classroom.

A Fun Kindness Paper Fortune Teller Or Cootie Catcher With A Google Slides Option To Customize Acts Of Kindness.

This cootie catcher or paper kindness fortune teller is a fun SEL arts and crafts lesson to encourage acts of kindness. It includes a Google Slides™ file for students to customize their fortune teller with their own acts of kindness or you can print the ready to use sheets for an engaging way to build character traits and an inclusive classroom community. 

Mostly used with students in 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grade. 

Coping Strategies Cards, Powers And Coloring Pages Bundle For K-2

This essential coping strategies bundle for PreK-2 classrooms offering posters, coloring pages, and task cards to teach young students about emotional regulation.

Clear visuals and strategies for students to manage emotions make these resources perfect for calming corners. Coloring pages are an easy brain break activity to enhance fine motor skills while students can make a personalized deck of Calm Down Cards.

A Fun And Engaging Classroom Management System That Introduces Money. Students Learn About Earning, Saving, Spending And Giving With Kindness Cash As They Earn Coupons To Give Away To Classmates.

Use Kindness Cash as an incentive or classroom management system. It's a fun way to teach students' essential life skills such as earning, saving, spending, and giving.

Students participate in acts of kindness to earn money they deposit in a bank account for vouchers. They spend their play money in the kindness store on reward coupons they give away to classmates. An engaging way to learn an essential lesson in selflessness!

This Sel Activities Unit Includes Lesson Plans, Worksheets, Posters, And Coloring Pages To Teach Students About Empathy.

These empathy coloring pages, worksheets and activities help to improve social skills, nurture relationships, and reduce bullying.

These important lessons help students notice emotional cues, observe behavior, and pay attention to body language while learning how best to respond in different situations to support others. This is a great resource for your SEL toolbox and a must to get students back to school in a kind and caring way!

Social And Emotional Learning Resources From Ripple Kindness Project