We gave it away and got it right back again!

Those Who Create Sunshine For Others Cannot Help But Feel Some Warmth Themselves

One year at Christmas my husband and I dropped one of our cars off for service and headed out to shop. Earlier in the week I had contacted the local elementary school to see if there was a child in need. I was told about a little boy who didn’t even have socks to wear with his shoes in the winter. We shopped for our children and spent a little over $150 on the little boy.

Now, this was a time where we didn’t have much and my husband fussed a little as we headed back to pick up our car at the shop. When we got there the man looked over our bill and said “we did this but I’m taking that off of your bill”. He did this several times. As we walked out I looked at my husband and asked if he realized what just happened? The man at the shop discounted our bill, almost to the penny, the amount we had spent on the little boy! Good or bad….what goes around comes around!! This story touched me, my husband, our children, the secretary at the school, the little boy’s mom, and the little boy… but mostly me! – Terri

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