God Bless You, Just Pay It Forward!

I was reading something this morning that reminded me of a random act of kindness that my daughter and her boyfriend were the recipients of this past summer.

They were at a small town in Illinois doing a cheer camp when my daughter became ill. Her boyfriend decided to go to the local drug store to pick up some medicine for her. He was in the store and at the checkout counter when he began to check out and realized he had left his wallet at the hotel. It was right before closing time and he didn’t have time to run back to the hotel, so he just told the clerk that he would go to the hotel, get his wallet and buy the medicine somewhere else. An elderly lady behind him offered to pay for the medicine but Nick declined. She insisted. She only asked that Nick would “pay it forward” and buy someone else their groceries or do a random act of kindness. Nick accepted and the elderly lady was pleased and said “God Bless You”…. This is the reason why we need to bring kindness back to the forefront. There are many wonderful acts of kindness and if we just pay it forward, the ripple effect can become huge. Be kind because it makes you feel good, but it also can influence someone else to do the same. – Anon 😀

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