God sent that man to open my eyes

Disabilities Quote.
A stranger once comforted me at a school recital for our children. My son, who has Asperger’s Syndrome, was on stage and acting up, which had everyone’s attention and many whispers were heard all around me about “that kid”.

I quietly left the auditorium and wept outside the doors, praying for God to settle him down and help me not be embarrassed. A man (a dad) came and asked me if I was okay and if he could help. I explained my pain and our new diagnosis of my 6 year old and the apparent introduction to his disability my son was making on stage. He assured me that my love for my son was enough to get through all of it.

It took a while but after that night I learned to accept our fate and love my son even more because of his differences. He is now 18 and made amazing strides throughout school. He is a senior and has been integrated since second grade.

God sent that man that night to be kind and caring and open my eyes. I am so proud of my son and I love his different view of the world. – Michelle

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