It was a good day!

Only By Giving Are You Able To Receive More Than You Already Have

So, my RAK worked today!

Was in our local corner shop and an old gent, a pensioner comes back in asking if anyone had seen a fiver that he had dropped just minutes before when in the shop. We looked everywhere, but couldn’t find it, he was pretty upset as he needed it to put some electric on his meter. Now, he reminded me just of my granddad, who passed away a couple of years ago, including the same stubbornness of not accepting charity. I pulled a fiver from my purse, followed him out with my children, ran up to him and said we had found it coming out of the shop. He was so grateful and my eldest just said, pay it forward when you can! 

To top it all off, there were a group of lads outside who saw what I did (the kind of group that can make you uncomfortable!). One of the lads put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a couple of quid and handed it to me, saying “there should be more people like you, thanks.”

It was a good day!  – Jules 🙂

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