Good people come in all kinds of packages

Don'T Judge My Path.
I was in Walmart one day checking out and there was a crazy man causing trouble and threatening people. The store employees chased him out, but when I got outside, he was harassing an elderly woman.

Now, my Mom raised me to respect and take care of my elders so I offered to walk the woman the rest of the way to her car just in case she needed protection from this obviously disturbed man. He followed us screaming and yelling. Walking in the opposite direction was a very thug looking group of kids. I didn’t expect any help from them should the man following us do more than yell at us. These were the type of kids you might suspect of shoplifting or worse.

When I heard footsteps running up to us and looked over my shoulder, I was pleasantly surprised to see one of the boys approaching. He said hello and that he didn’t think we should be walking by ourselves with the man screaming at us and wanted to know what his deal was. I told him I didn’t know, but that I was grateful for his help seeing as how I’m small and not that intimidating.

The elderly lady thanked us both profusely as we loaded her groceries. The young man then walked me to my car and I thanked him and told him I wished there were more young people like him. He smiled and said his Nana raised him and he would want someone to do the same for her.

It just goes to show you that good people come in all kinds of packages. – Sarah 😀

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