My grandmother

Stronger Than You Think.
My grandma grew up with a simple goal: to be a wife and mother. She found herself exactly that in the mid-50s. Happy.

After some time and three children, she discovered her husband was cheating on her. She followed him one evening on suspicion and found he had another family. She tried to beg him to change, change herself to keep him satisfied, but he still loved a double life.

One day she woke up and decided she didn’t love him, just the idea of him. She told him to leave, but he refused. She wanted a divorce, but they had to be separated and he wouldn’t leave. He told her she was worthless without him, couldn’t get by without him.

She had no education, no job, no skills, no money and three kids. At first, she believed him. But then she asked her pastor what God wanted from her… he told her “to have a happy life”. So she decided to fulfill that. She got a job as a secretary, saved money, got an apartment. She went every morning to the house to make the kids breakfast and get them to school. Back to the house at night for homework, dinner, bedtime but returned to her apartment to sleep. She felt very alone, but pushed on anyway. She worked hard and listened to people criticize her, call her selfish.  She saved more money, got her divorce, got promoted, bought a house and found a true love. She lived a happy life like God wanted for her. Never gave herself any credit and is still living, still happy, still free. My grandmother. – Heather

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