Happiness all round for just $1.10.

It’s only a little thing, but I was at the supermarket the other day and there was a girl in front of me that looked about 12. She had brought some things – I think they were lollies – but not many. The lady rang them up and told her the amount. She pulled out her coins and handed them over, but it wasn’t enough. She was about $1.10 short. She stood there deciding what to put back (looking somewhat disappointed). I said to the cashier that I’d cover the rest. The cashier asked the girl ‘Do you know this lady?’ ‘No’ the girl answered. ‘It’s okay I’ll pay the rest’ I said and both the girl and the cashier looked stunned! The cashier actually got quite flustered in trying to work out the change. The girl thanked me a lot and left. I think the cashier was quite surprised by this and wished me a very lovely afternoon as I left. And it was! It felt so lovely to have make 2 more people smile for just $1.10 🙂 – Rachel

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