Have a joyful, abundant day!

It is customary in the U.S. to say, “good morning” to someone you meet in the morning, and “have a good day!” when leaving someone.

Well, today I decided that instead of saying those phrases I would say, “Joyful morning to you!!” and when leaving them I would say, “Have a joyfully abundant day!” So when I went to the store I did just that. It was weird to say, because I was not use to it and others were not use to hearing it, so I didn’t know what reaction I’d get. But when I said it, the lady I said it to got the giggles. I told her, “Why wish someone just a “good morning”? Why not wish them a joyful happy one?” and she just smiled and said, “You’re right.”

The people behind be, (I was at the cash register) were bickering about someone, calling the woman awful names I cannot post here. Well, they stopped to listen to what I was saying to the cashier and as I was walking away, I overheard the woman who was previously complaining, say to the cashier, “I should adopt an attitude like that.” This made me smile. And while I was at the store shopping, I had two dollars left in my purse, so I left the two dollars with a Kindness Card. – Cindy 🙂

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