He sent me an earth angel

A Friend Knows But Loves You.
I met Josie in 2007 when we worked together. If race played a factor we would have never jelled as she is Mexican/American and I am white. But she didn’t see anything else in me other than someone who needed a friend. Something that our modern day society sometimes seems oblivious to.

My world was falling apart. My Mother was fading fast and death was quickly approaching. My Mom was my best friend. I felt as if a part of me died with her, but Josie took me under her wing. She loved me, comforted me and most of all, she didn’t let me die with my mother. She showed me how to be strong not only for myself but for my family. I am a mother of 7.

I needed someone who had felt what I felt. Someone who knew just what I was going through. Josie had lost both her parents before I lost my Mom. She is a little older than me, but she is my BFF. She completes me on so many levels. Friend, motherly figure, Auntie to my children. The one who reminds me to be appreciative for my husband who loves me and takes really good care of me, my children and his Mom & my Dad. She is My Earth Angel. I always tell her God brings us those we need when we need them most.

He brought me Josie. He always has a plan. Here I am today!

In October it will be 8 years of friendship. She knows my deepest darkest secrets and she still loves me unconditionally and encourages me, flaws and all.

If you are struggling, keep the faith. God has a plan for you. If you are blessed like I was, God will send you your Earth Angel. He sent me mine. Thank You Josie and Thank You God!! I am Blessed. – Noelle 

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  1. I looked up God sent me an earth angel because I believe he has sent me mine. I wondered if anyone else believed in this and got on the internet and your story came up. My son Zack, my best friend froze to death on 2.1.11. He had a roll over accident in a blizzard at 1 a.m. He only had on his Applebee’s tee shirt, shoes and his new coat on the seat in the car. He was just coming to my house which was 6 miles away we think. He had a concussion, the winds and snow were blowing 70 mph. He lost his way and eventually found the flames of the refinary. He managed to get in a 8 ft gated area with 5 strands of barbed wire. There were 2 buildings that were open warm and had phones. He tripped over pipe, hit his head and that was it. God wanted him that night. We didn’t find him until 26 days later even with dog teams, helicoptors and the whole community out all that time. When the snow started melting a worker found him. I remarried my x so I wasn’t alone. Have no friends or family. He’s a alcholic and stays in his man cave and is really married to his beer. He never drank but when we were divorced he was a party guy. I’ve been lost and confused. My heart is broken, but I have been going on for God to be proud of me.

    The house next door was vacant for years. My son was going to buy it. I had dreams that God was going to help me. A new neighbor moved in that had been living overseas and his name was Silver. He was from the U.S. He also said he had dreams. He brings me gifts and is very kind. Even though he’s my husbands age and also a Vietnam Vet, he seems to feel close to me. It’s frightening in some ways as my husband is jealous. Actually that is making him sorta quit drinking since I hate it. So, we shall see what becomes of the new neighbor.

    I told my husband I need friends and it’s nice having a pleasant neighbor. My husband’s health also isn’t very good, so I have to wonder if this man was sent to me in the event I needed help as I have no-one else. I’m 61 and not looking to have an affair or change my life at this point. Happy to have a new friend that seems to want to help me smile again. He wants to give me his metal detector so I have a new hobby. I wanted to try it years ago and never did. Like, he doesn’t give a crap if my husband feels I should be housebound and alone, he just steps up to the plate in a very nice way. With Ken I take the good with the bad. He is good to me in many ways, but I feel we aren’t really right for each other. I can’t go on and on. I just know Silver had weird dreams, I did, he’s here and interested in helping me.

    I will remain the good faithful wife, but I’ve lived here 14 years, worked all the time and never had time for friends. Now I do and hopefully this will be a good thing. It’s just that I have weird feelings like he was sent here for me???

    Loosing a son is something that shouldn’t happen to anyone, but when you don’t have any other family, wow, I was upset with God! I asked, why would he take the only family I have? Perhaps there are reasons for everything and I will eventually find out. I’ve learned to accept what has happened and I try each day to be a good person and move forward. I just think there is a reason this person moved next door is all.
    By the way I loved your story. So glad you met your friend; Victoria.

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