He stood with confidence and hope

I went into the local Lifeline shop yesterday to get some clothes for my young children.

I saw a man there with some children’s books under his arm and he was looking at some kitchen items. Most items in the shop are between $1-5. He kept returning to this one particular kitchen item and I thought he must be deciding between it and the books.

I purchased my items and gave the cashier an extra $10, asking her to give it to the man with no shoes carrying the children’s books, to help towards his purchases. Collecting my items, I left the store. As I got into my car, I could see the cashier giving the man the $10 and saw him hold it up in disbelief. Then I saw his smile and his posture changed. He now stood with confidence and hope. We all need to be kinder and more understanding. – Tam 🙂

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