He was in shock!

Sometimes I find my RAK are met with disbelief or judgment, and sometimes outright shock at the thought that someone is going out of their way to help someone.

A few months ago I was in a large retail store, it sell everything under the sun. One side of the building is a food market, the other side is a store where you buy clothes, eletronics, videos… anything you need is probably in that store. Anyway, I was in the stationary department and some guy was looking for blank name tags because he was going to a meeting and wanted everyone to have a name tag to stick on their clothes. He asked me if I happened to have seen them, and I said no. He left and a few minutes later I found name tags of all sizes, so I took one of each and went around the store looking for him and presented the name tags to him. He was in shock. He couldn’t believe that I was being that kind. His smile lit up his face. He wasn’t just happy he was thrilled that I did this for him. He told me it was nice that a stranger would go out of their way to help another and how he knew the rest of his day was going to be good.

It was a good feeling for me too, knowing I helped someone in such a profound way. – Cindy 🙂

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