He was only 5.

I did not see this, but became very proud of my son when another parent found me and told me what she had just witnessed at our first Cub scout meeting.

The kids were making all sorts of crafts and my son was working on a hobby horse on a stick. It was made out of brown paper sacks and they were just required to glue on the eyes and mane. While my son was working on that, my husband and I were meeting other parents in the group. A lady walked up to me and asked if Jol was my son. She then continued to tell me about how upset her little boy was because he was playing with his horse and the eye had fallen off somewhere. She said my son walked up to him and asked why he was upset. Her little boy showed him his horse and she said that without pause, my son ripped off an eye on his horse and said now, look, we have matching horses, and they took off playing like nothing ever happened. I will never forget that story. Children have such a sweet kindness about them and I was so touched that day and still very proud of my son. Rhonda 🙂

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