My heart felt so good

Good Deeds Make Me Feel Alive.One day me and my brother went out to eat something late at night around 1 am to a restaurant.

After we were done eating, we went to a mini market where all the small shops like pharmacies, small burger spots for all the poor people usually remain open through whole night.

My brother went to get himself some cigarettes. I was in the car waiting for him to come back. I was just looking around when I saw an old man eating a packet of chips which only costed like 5 rupees (which is 5 US cents in dollars I think). I thought maybe he didn’t have enough money to get him something real to eat like roti which is our main course food here in Pakistan.

When my brother came back, I asked him to call the old man to me as I want to ask him something.. I couldn’t go out to talk to him because it’s not very safe in our part of the world. Anyway, when the old man came, I asked him: ‘are you hungry? Shall I get you something to eat??”

He said, yes I am very hungry and didn’t have the courage to beg for money to get food. I asked him what he’d like to eat. He said I’d like to have a roti with chicken and said it would be nice of me if I could also get him some packets of biscuits which he can eat for his breakfast.

I ordered roti from a local spot for him, bought some packets of biscuits and gave him some extra cash to keep it if he needs anything as well like medicines.

The old man was so happy, I could see the tears in his eyes of happiness. He gave me lots of blessings as well. I was so happy that night. My heart felt so good from within for doing this act of kindness. – Zarka 🙂

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