He’d placed her in God’s hands.

I know a very kind man. He works every day as a handyman and makes just enough money to survive. I’ve taken him grocery shopping and he buys food for his cats and dog and bird food for his bird feeders. When I asked him what he ate he said that he cooked for his aging dog and ate some of her food.

When his sweet dog needed surgery he took out a plan at the vet’s office to pay out of his meager salary for what she needed. He took her to work in his van and walked her frequently having rigged a harness to hold her up. By this time she had an eye removed and had a stroke leaving her unable to walk unaided. He told me that when she stopped eating and enjoying her food and walks that that was when he would make the decision to have her placed in God’s hands. He told me that he felt blessed in his life and lucky to be surrounded by such love. Truly a Buddha walking in our midst. – Rose

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