A helpful passenger

To Make A Difference You Just Have To Care.
I observed an elderly lady with a walker trying to cross a street. She was aware that traffic was waiting on her so she was trying to hurry. A passenger in one of the waiting vehicles got out and asked if she could escort the women across the road. The lady was so pleased she could only gush over how much she appreciated her help.

Once across the street with a big smile and a have a great day, the passenger got back into the car and they drove off. The elderly lady kept shaking her head as if she couldn’t believe the kindness. The other impatient drivers stayed and waited in their vehicles and gave right of way to the helpful passenger.

I think the act of kindness shown affected many today. Reminded us all how little it takes to make ourselves and others feel good. Thank for the reminder Car Passenger.  – Donna 🙂

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