Helping Jay and Guinness

My friends and I have been helping a homeless gentleman and his dog for about a year and a half now.

The police have made it more and more difficult to find them – with threats of arrest for panhandling whenever they spot him. Still we are always checking the spots we know he goes to. 


We bring both people food and dog food, and personal care items whenever we can find him. We’ve loaded him down with blankets for the cold nights (we get a few here in Florida – but not a lot), and we’ve bought him clothes and shoes. It’s been about a year since we took Guinness to the vet for vaccinations and he had since grown a large bump on his neck, so we took him to the vets again this week. His allergies were really bad, so we had the vet check those also. Guinness received an allergy shot, antibiotics, and the vet drained the “bump” (luckily it wasn’t anything worse). We also got him some heart guard (heart worm preventative). Our vet gave Guinness a full checking over and was happy to report for being a senior dog, Guinness is in good shape with just a few age related problems (other than the allergies) and it was a great relief to Jay that despite living in a tent in the woods, he’s doing a good job taking care of his best friend. – Dawn Marie

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