Her first real conversation in years!

I am one of your Ripple followers in Australia and I love what you guys are doing. My friends and I do what we can to be kind or lend a hand to those in need. I invited my 91 year old neighbour Bettye over for lunch on Christmas Eve. She lives two doors down from us and I got to know her slowly just by waving hello and stopping to have a chat. The only remaining family member she has is her husband who has been in a nursing home for the past year. She had two children but sadly they passed away in 1994 and 2005. She was having lunch with her husband Christmas Day but I thought she might like to share a lovely afternoon with my husband and 3 year old daughter who see her as another great grandmother.

She really enjoyed spending the afternoon with us and told me it had been the first time in years that she has been able to have a proper conversation with someone other than her husband and that Christmas had been difficult for her, especially after her children passed away.

It felt great to be able to share a special day and meal with a gorgeous woman. I never met my grandparents who lived overseas so in a way Bettye is like a surrogate grandmother to me. I would also like my little one to grow up knowing and respecting people who are much older and that seemed to get pushed to the fringes of society. Family is very important, especially extended family.

Have bright sun filled day! – Claudia

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