Her kindness has come back to me

My mother died June 9th of this year, she loved to play our State Lottery. Every week for the last 25 years, she has played the same numbers on both lotteries each week.

As she got older I would go pick up her lottery tickets for her each week. It got to be a joke with the girls at the grocery store where I purchased my moms lottery tickets, on what mom was going to do with all her money if she ever won.

Well, since she died, I still go twice a week to get her lottery tickets, playing her same numbers. Yesterday when I went to get them I started to pay my 3 dollars for the tickets, and the teller told me, it’s ok, in memory of your mom, one of the girls who works here told me to tell you good luck, and that we miss your mom. Mom would of loved this. She used to buy extra lotto tickets and just hand them to people and tell them good luck. I guess I received some of her kindness back. – Missy

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