Her name is Mary.

My mail lady is a cranky little woman. She isn’t very happy when she has to get out of her warm little mail truck and come knock on our door to leave a package. Over the last year we have gotten a lot of packages because of Christmas, and birthdays in our home. Each time, she kinda frowned and would leave the package. I told Missy it was like she had lost her smile. Missy and Mike have both thanked her and even if they see her coming down the street, go out to meet the truck so she doesn’t have to get out in the cold if we have a package.

Last week I was by the front door when she knocked. Missy opened the door and I yelled…hey there mail lady, please come in a minute. She looked a little funny and came in. I was in my wheelchair and told her we had just baked cookies and I asked Missy to put some hot chocolate in a mug for her. She said oh no, don’t go to the trouble, I need to get back on the road. I told her, nonsense, so Missy gave her the cookies and hot chocolate and I told her, I have been watching you for the last year. I’m sorry I can’t come out to get the packages and you have to go out of your way, please if you have to come to the door, knock and come in to visit. I am always here, so take your break with me, and have a snack. I know you work hard at your job.

Missy told me mom, don’t get involved, she doesn’t seem to want your attention. Guess what! Today she knocked, Missy let her in, we filled her mug up with hot chocolate, gave her a snack to take, she smiled at me, hugged me and told me, my mom died this time last year, and it has been rough for me. I would always try at noon to make it by her home to run in and eat a quick lunch with her. I miss that.

I told her to stop here anytime. When she left, I was at the window waving at her. Missy told me, mommy, I will never tell you not to get involved again. Our mail lady was smiling.

Smile at someone today, even if they are frowning, behind that frown is a story. Don’t be shy. Ask them to tell it to you and you might make a new friend. I did and her name is Mary. – Barbara

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