High school formal

When Youre Nice It Makes It Easier For Others To Be Nice Too

I remember in my last year of high school. One of the popular boys asked the chubbiest, most unpopular girl (that sounds mean but we weren’t a bullying year level so she wasn’t bullied) to the formal in front of the whole class!!!

He got everyone’s attention as he got on one knee, asked her, then proceeded to give her the night of her life!!!! He asked for the first dance and then made sure to ask her every few dances (in our school the boys did the right thing and asked different girls all night, etc. no wall flowers at my school) and then he took her to the after party.

He could have asked any of the popular/pretty girls, but he didn’t. He knew what he was doing for her but he didn’t do it for anyone to applaud him, he just did it because he wanted to be kind to her and not let her graduating formal be the “stereotype”. – Anon

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