We're passionate about kindness because it's a natural, free resource to help cure many modern day ailments!

"Ripple" is a heart-centred primary school curriculum and community project inspiring and empowering people to make positive, transformational changes for greater peace and happiness.

Ripple came to life during a time of grief for our family. Shadowed by sadness, it took a long time to see the light but when we finally did, we realised it was the small acts of kindness we had given and received that helped us to feel better. 

It was like an epiphany and feeling as if we'd discovered an antidote for sadness, we wanted to share these wonderful feelings with others. So we created some kindness cards to help them experience it too. 

Our kindness project was intended as a local initiative where we would hand out our cards to nurture good feelings in our community. When a friend talked us into creating a page on facebook we suddenly found ourselves sending them all over the world. Then something even more unexpected happened... teachers started asking for cards to help tackle bullying in their schools.

Why we developed a school curriculum

The stories we heard from desperate educators were frightening and they were convinced our cards would help, so we sent them. Then a friend's depressed niece tried to end her life because of bullying. We were so fearful of what the future would hold, not just for our children, but for everyone else's too. If kids were dealing with so much pressure and negativity, how would they make it through their childhood relatively unscathed and grow to become happy, hopeful and successful adults? The problem was far greater than people just being unkind to one another, so we had to do more. 

Kindness has an incredible power that can transform even the most hardened heart!

It became our passion to help kids flourish and give them feelings of hope and belonging. We wanted to help them deal with a range of debilitating issues and equip them with warm and generous hearts. We had to build character so they would enjoy meaningful relationships and contribute to society in positive ways. We knew our kindness cards were a good start but we had to think outside the square to tackle the bigger issues so many school aged children face.

As we researched kindness and positive psychology, we were astounded that it was used in so few schools. This is powerful stuff and seemed like an obvious solution to so many problems. The more we researched, the more convinced we were that we were onto something that could have a huge impact on not only students but teacher well-being too!

We knew we had to address issues like low self-esteem, anxiety, depression and anti-social behaviour at the junior level. By providing early intervention, we could help change their outlook to avoid the destructive mindset that can manifest in teenage years when so many catch the “it’s all about me” virus. We wanted to help schools become safe havens with positive role models where vulnerable children could flourish. 

We're passionate about teaching children to be givers in a world where they're often conditioned to take. 

After years of research, collaboration and development, Ripple Kindness Project for Schools now educates and inspires the hearts and minds of young people in 6 countries. Our curriculum is cultivating positive character traits, boosting emotional intelligence, building resilience and allowing students to experience good feelings first-hand. After all, isn't participating and feeling the best proof for nurturing positive behaviour!

Why is kindness is so powerful

We know that kindness underpins all good values. It's the basis for caring, giving and a peaceful, fulfilling life. Kindness should be an intrinsic part of us all because, on mass, it really could change the world as we know it.

It's well documented that a good deed can positively impact anyone actively involved and even those who witness it. You only have to think about the kindness you've given or received in the past to know how rewarding it can be. The scientific reason is that kindness stimulates the production of serotonin which acts like a natural antidepressant as well as oxytocin well known to improve mental and physiological health. Read more about the benefits of kindness here

Overwhelming evidence supports our belief that kindness can change the way a person feels, the course of their day and in the right doses, and at the right time… even their life!

Feeling good about ourselves cultivates the positive outlook we all need to enjoy happy and fulfilling lives. Kindness can be part of the solution to so many of the challenges people face each day.

How we help in the community

Ripple Kindness Project provides an informative blog, character building book recommendations, kindness cards and free printables to inspire people to reach out a hand in friendship, not because they expect a good deed in return but because supporting someone else is a natural thing to do.

Little girl holding a Ripple Kindness Checklist she has completed.

Over the years, in excess of 300,000 Ripple Kindness Cards have been used by community groups, charities, businesses, individuals and schools to encourage people to start their own ripples of kindness that touch lives to promote love, hope and peace.

We love to inspire people from all walks of life to enjoy positive experiences by encouraging them to give to a loved one, friend or stranger. And because kindness is contagious, we know, the ripples of joy just one good deed can create is limitless.

Nourish Network

In 2016, we established an outreach program to support disadvantaged school families. Nourish Network predominantly assists single mothers, many of whom have experienced domestic violence. Our service provides food, essentials, remedial therapies and a warm supportive space for them to unwind and relax. 

If you're in Melbourne and would like to help out, we operate each Friday morning during school terms. We always welcome general volunteers as well as remedial or holistic practitioners, counsellors, financial planners, hairdressers, beauty therapist, etc. Please get in touch if you have a skill you'd like to share or would like to donate new or quality pre-loved goods. 

Past projects

How you can support so we can deliver

Ripple is a social enterprise driven by passion. We don't ask for donations but instead hope you'll support us by using our affiliate link with the Book Depository and purchase some of our unique gifts


As we are a self-funded project not accepting donations, we rely on funding through our stores on Etsy and RedBubble, and affiliate link with the Book Depository. Together with sales of our school curriculum, these fund help to support our community projects and outreach program Nourish Network.