New friends help this homeless man

Have A Heart.
I live in Oklahoma. The winters here can be brutal for the homeless living outside due to the high winds and frequent ice storms.

About a week ago I noticed a man at our local Walmart with a sign that says “homeless please help”. I bought him a sandwich, chips, cookies, and a bottle of water. I put two dollars in the bag and I took it out to him. I explained to my daughter who was with me that I helped him and not the woman on the other corner because you could tell he needed help. His clothes were dirty and had holes in them. He had a back pack. His sign was old and dirty. Her sign was bright white and new looking. Her clothes were better looking than mine and clean. Her long hair was neatly pulled up and looked good despite our high winds that day. We get a lot of scammers here.ย 

The next day I saw him again. Only this time he was curled up in a ball on the curb. I went back into Walmart and bought him another meal, only this time with 2 bottles of water because last time he drank the water immediately. This time I gave him $2 in quarters because it’s all I had. I asked him if he was former military. He said no. He began to eat right away.ย 

The third day I came prepared and went just to find him. I brought him food from home, water and snacks. I asked how long he had been here. He said 3 weeks. I asked if he knew we have 2 homeless shelters here. He said he did not and did I have the address and contact info. He said but I don’t have a pen. I said it’s ok. I had one. I wrote down the info to the over night shelter and the one that takes them in for 6 weeks and helps them find jobs.ย 

The fourth day I couldn’t find him.ย 

The fifth day I happen by and he was back. I came prepared again just in case. I asked him his name, he said William. I told him mine and asked what he needed. He showed me that the bottom of his shoes were one big hole. I got his size from him and asked his clothes sizes. He said all he owned was what he wears. Shorts and a T-shirt. It’s cold at night now here and I explained winter is coming.ย 

With help from friends we have gotten him a tent, shoes, clothes, blanket and winter clothes. I’m still taking him food daily and we are all still checking in to see what else he needs. He now takes the bus across town to the shelter every day and the bus back to Walmart to try to get money.

This is a work in progress. – Mistyย โค

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