Honoring an Air Force Veteran

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Back near the beginning of the year I was entrusted with honoring a 20 year old Air Force veteran who had committed suicide by journeying to scatter the ashes. My heart broke for his family. It still does.

I offered to take him to Mt Bachelor, Oregon. I thought I’d take the lift up, scatter his ashes and take the lift back down. Well, I found out that’s not allowed, even though my physical disability would be a big factor. Oops. I couldn’t back out! This family was risking way more than I was but, frankly, I had no idea how this was going to work since I have NEVER skied or snow boarded in my life and those were the only two ways down.

I started searching for a way and was pointed to Oregon Adaptive Sports. Not only did they offer to get me up there, but they brought me back down in a ski sled. We started at about 7500 ft, spread this young mans ashes at about the 7000 ft level and then they skied me back down. I might have been sitting, but I accomplished what I needed to. They also participated in the ceremony which they didn’t have to do. They were awesome and without their kindness and courage boosting, all would have been lost. So many people there made this ceremony successful and gave this young mans resting place dignity and care. Their service to veterans and the community at large can never be explained in a few words but they go beyond awesome. I thank them from the bottom of my heart. – Debra 

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