A Hug to Make the World a Better Place

Yesterday, while making a quick run to Wally World, I was in the express checkout lane with just about five items. The lady in front of me was on a motorized store scooter. She was having trouble trying to unload her things so I offered to help. She said, ” I can actually do this, but I need a cart.” I said, I can get that for you, so I went and got one and loaded her groceries into it. She was transferring her purse and things to the cart, when she discovered that she had forgotten to pay for a magazine. I told the cashier to just add it to my total. The lady protested but I told her not to worry about, just to pay it forward.

She offered cash to the cashier to get the right bills to pay me back. The cashier told her that she couldn’t open the drawer to make change and that she was just stuck with me paying for it, lol. I asked the woman if she needed help unloading the cart into her car, but she said no, she could do that. She then TOLD me to come over to her as I headed out of the store. She gave me a big hug and said she thought that if everyone would give someone a hug everyday, that the world would be a better place to live in. I couldn’t agree more!! – Leanna

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  1. Hugs feel really good. Even birds hug. Even galaxies hug!

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