My humble act of kindness was multiplied and returned

I was working at a soup kitchen and have been reprimanded repeatedly for giving rides to the homeless or any client to the Bus Station.

They were just trying to be cautious telling me that I didn’t know these people and afraid that I might have been harmed. There was also some liability involved. Perhaps they were right, but I didn’t believe so and refused to listen. I just couldn’t help myself and kept doing it, kind of secretly behind their backs.

One day, just before Christmas Eve, it was pouring and I saw this lady walking to the bus station struggling to keep all her bags together, of course I asked her if she wanted a ride and she gratefully accepted.

I asked her what her plans were for Christmas Eve and she said she didn’t have any money and that she was behind on some bills.

My heart just broke, so I gave her the money I had in my wallet and asked her where to drop her off. She said since she had some money now to take her to the grocery store to get some groceries. It wasn’t much at all so I begged her to go with me to the bank that I would’ve been more than happy to help her out. But she thanked me and refused. So I dropped her off.

On the same day I was talking to my mother (she had recently had surgery) but without Health Insurance nor money to pay the humongous bill, so she made an arrangement to pay the hospital whatever she could afford monthly (we often joked around saying she would be long gone before all that money was paid).

She had just come back from an appointment with a Social Worker to discuss her situation and to settled the monthly payments. She told me the lady was an angel who took pity on her and that because of her financial situation, somehow she was able to to wipe off the whole debt.

We were so happy and grateful, we just couldn’t believe it!

My mother doesn’t drive, and she started to tell me how she was waiting for the bus under torrential rain at the bus station and the same social worker lady saw her and asked her if she needed a ride. Of course my mom accepted.

Sometimes I’m not sure that such a minute act of kindness even compares to all the blessings my mom received that day. Perhaps it was just a coincidence, but it doesn’t stop me to continue to believe that there are angels out there. – Charito  😛

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