I couldn’t afford my son’s medication

If You Have Much, Give Your Wealth. If You Have Little, Give Your Heart. Quote

When I was a new young, single Mom, my son was always sick. They weren’t sure what was wrong with him but we were always at the doctors and getting medication.

My work was limited because I was spending so much time with him at the doctors.

Anyhow, one day I was at the pharmacy trying to fill his prescription and there had been an error. It was taking forever and many people were in line behind me. The frustration was escalating for everyone and the pharmacist said I could just pay for the prescription (that was supposed to be covered 100%) and get reimbursed later. The problem was I didn’t have any money.

The cost was $35 but I wouldn’t have money for over a week to pick it up and I was standing there with a sick baby trying not to cry.

An elderly lady a few people behind me in line walked up to the counter and asked if she could pay it for me.

I told her to give me her info and I would pay her back, but she said no, to just take the medicine and get that baby better.

I totally lost it and broke into tears, I was so grateful to her.

I discovered later my son has an immune deficiency, so there were many more doctors and prescriptions, but I never forgot that kind lady that helped us out.

I finally got to pay it forward when my son was 5.

We moved to a new town and my son had made some new friends at school.

One of the boys got very sick and I’m not even sure how it came about but I met his Mom and she was a little distraught over some medical stuff and trying to get him a prescription. She didn’t know me so she wasn’t saying much, but I could tell she was struggling with paying for it.

I went home and put $50 in an envelope then I drove out and left it on her car with a note that said, “I hope this is enough for a prescription. Never lose hope!”

It’s not very often I get to pay it forward in the exact same way someone helped me, but that time I did, it just took a while. – Hugs Deanna

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