I did not have a bedroom

There Are So Many Negative Things That Happen In This World But You Can Create Some Positivity Just By Showing Some Love Kindness. E1630722097442

My grandmother lived with us, and we always had people living with us.

Once my mom brought home a woman she worked with, her two kids and her 80-year-old mother. The husband had been beating them.

I remember we turned my bedroom into their room. My dad got bunk beds, and the women slept in my double bed and I slept with my grandmother. We only had one bathroom, but it worked out.

I remember that night, my grandmother told them to take hot baths and she would fix some food. I will never forget my grandmother holding the older woman and telling her, it was safe now, that my dad would make it right.

They lived with us about 3 months. My dad found and fixed an old car for her. The ladies from our church and neighbors made and got them clothes, and the church found a cheap apartment close to her work. I remember missing them when they left.

We always had someone living with us. It got to be a joke that I didn’t have a bedroom. – Melissa Vaughan

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