I felt a calmness come over me

My husband had left me and I was devastated. Feeling very unwell, shaky, sweaty and very, very anxious and had been having thoughts of taking my own life.

This particular day, I was with my son in Pound Land standing in the checkout queue. I turned around and there was a tall man behind me with dark hair. Just an ordinary guy wearing jeans, a white t-shirt and a black jacket. He said. “Are you alright?” I couldn’t speak. He looked at me and said “everything will be alright you know, you will see.” I said, “are you psychic?” He chuckled and said, “no, but I wish I was!” I said, “thank you” and turned around. When I’d paid and was finished, I looked back round for the man, but he had vanished! There was no way he could have gone that quickly and being behind me! Afterwards, I felt as if a calmness had come over me. I have had a few experiences with spirit and just love them.  – Sharon xx

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