I felt a strong urge to hug her…

This afternoon, just while I was taking my dog outside before heading off to work, my dog, Vada – who is always wanting to visit the neighbors if they’re on the porch sitting – ran over to them of course. So I walk over, and before too long, it comes out that one neighbor Joy, is almost in tears. I ask why she’s sad, and her only answer was “oh, just life…”

So I took Vada to the back yard to tie her up for the evening while I was gone, and went back in to finish getting ready to leave.

As I walk out the door to go to work, the strong urge to walk over and hug Joy hits me, and instead of ignoring it as I normally would, because hugging really isn’t my “thing”, I decided to just do it.

Walking up their porch steps, I stopped in front of Joy, and told her I had something for her, but she’d have to stand up to get it. When she stood up, I just reached out and grabbed her up in a bear hug, and she burst into tears…letting go, I noticed a smile on her face instead of a frown, and she said she needed that.

I’m a big guy, full-on man-beard and if you didn’t know better, seeing me out and about you’d probably think I was lost from the mountains somewhere. Driving to work my entire body was shaking. I think my whole body was celebrating.
– Jeffrey >—-(^_^)—-<

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