A few years ago in December, I was shopping at a department store in Atlanta. While browsing, I noticed an employee who looked overwhelmed by sadness while clutching a tissue. I continued to observe her while listening to holiday music playing in the background. I actually felt her sadness.

After checking out, I approached her and told her that I thought she looked beautiful today. She reacted as if she was stunned. As I was leaving the store, I felt a tap on my right shoulder. This woman told me “You have no idea how much your words mean to me. Thank you.”

I have never forgotten this woman. Since then I take extra time and effort to recognize people and thank or compliment them. I’ve learned the names of many check out employees at my local Publix. I use their names and thank them. When a waiter gives outstanding service, I tell the manager about it, usually through the restaurant website or a phone call.

I remember my father dying in hospice during one Christmas season and my mother dying a few days after Christmas just two years ago. The holidays do not land lightly for many people. It can be a very lonely and painful time. A few kind words can make a difference. – Betsy, Unleashing Kindness

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  1. We all leave footprints in each others’ lives. Be a story others want to tell.


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