I forgive him, he’s just a kid

A kid that lives down the street from me stole my new car 2 months after I got it. He threw everything in the car away, including my granddaughters car seat and my daughters CD case that held 100 CD’s. He took the change, necklaces hanging from the mirror etc… At the time, he was on drugs. A very deep dark place to live.

My car was recovered 2 weeks later. Insurance paid for the repairs. At first I was really mad. Instant grudge. His mother said she was sorry for what he had done. We talked about his problem and it made me feel sorry for her and his family and mine. If anyone has ever lived with or known a drug addict it’s a very bad sickness. His mother kicked him out of the house after this happened and he got clean a couple months after. His mother lets him move back in. He saw my son and told him he wanted to tell me he was sorry, but he was scared. He told my son he would write me a letter but hasn’t done it yet. So I rethought about how I was feeling about him.

I have seen him often walking down the street waiting for him to talk to me but when he see’s me he goes the other way. I asked myself what would Jesus do? I forgave him a long time ago, but he doesn’t know.

My family and I are moving to Oklahoma next month. Before I move I want to let him know I forgive him. To hold a grudge against someone lets them live rent free in your head. Can’t leave feeling like that. So today I saw him walking down the street and called out his name. Called a second time and he walked to where I was. I told him I just want you to know that I forgave you a long time ago but when you see me you dodge me. He smiled and said he was very sorry and still insisted he write the letter to me to explain the troubles he was going through at the time.

I have known him for 2 years prior to stealing my car and thought he would have never done something like this. He is a sweet person when he’s not on drugs. I told him though that I didn’t appreciate the fact that he threw away the baby’s car seat and other things, but I just wanted to let him know that we still care about him.

After he stole my car and got kicked out of his home and not allowed to be around his family he turned his life around. He fought his demons and won. I’m happy that he feels better and we now speak. There is enough hate in this world already. I’m happy, he’s happy and I know this is how GOD wanted it. It’s a great day for a great day! – Stevie ❤

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