I told him how much he was worth

You Will Never Have A Completely Bad Day If You Show A Little Kindness.

I worked with a guy for a brief while, and he was hurting real bad on the inside. I’d listen to him the entire shift we’d work and I really felt for him (sometimes I’d forget to actually work).

He said something really weird once and then quickly made sure I wouldn’t make fun of him for it – I’m a bit of an ass so I said I would (I tease my friends) but the look of betrayal he gave me cracked my heart. I assured him I wouldn’t and I didn’t. He was going through a lot, had some quirks, but was genuinely a person with a lot of pain.

Unfortunately, at the time, I was going through my own stuff, so I quit the job, but not before I told him how much he was worth. I hope he is doing okay now. – Joshua

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