I was meant to help them

On a cold Friday evening, I was dropping my son at basketball training, when I spotted this couple with luggage. They were stopping every couple of steps and the man was more or less carrying the woman.

On my way back, they’d barely moved forward. I turned round as soon as I could and pulled next to them. I realised then that the young lady was in floods of tears. They were returning from a few days away, had stopped at the cinema and while in there, she received a call from home (South Africa) but her battery was flat before she managed to talk. They went to the Burger King nearby to charge her phone and managed to call her family back to learn her brother had died a short whole ago!!! They lived one hour away and didn’t have much money so they were taking two buses to go home but she kept on breaking down in tears.

I offered to take them and he was so grateful. While driving, I was able to calm her down as I have also lost a brother years ago and I’m also a foreigner in the UK. She was distraught as she wanted to be with her parents to talk to them, but they told me didn’t have the money to fly back for the funeral. I explained to her that when that happens in my family we Skype the event so that we can be there in some way.

By the time we arrived at their home, her husband told me an angel must have sent me as he wouldn’t have been able to carry her much further. She was still in shock but calmer now that she was home. I felt very good that I could help them even though it brought back the old sorrow of my own brother’s passing. I was meant to help them. – Eve  xxx


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