I was returning my shopping cart

Some People Are Born Helpers. They Love To See How Even A Small Gesture Can Make A Big Difference To Someone'S Day. Making Others Feel Better Makes Them Feel Good About Themselves. Quote

I was finished putting my groceries in my car and was returning my cart. As I looked around, I saw a lady who was using an electric chair with a basket on the front (most stores have them here for folks who can’t walk well for whatever reason). She was at her car about to unload her groceries, and when I walked over, I saw she had terrible Edema in both legs – this happens when your lymphatic system doesn’t work properly and fluids don’t drain from your body, and I’ve heard it is both painful and debilitating – anyway I made sure I looked her right in the eyes and asked with a smile on my face, if I could help put her groceries in her car for her.

A big smile beamed across her face and she said yes, it would help her greatly. I asked where she wanted certain things, on the floor or the seat as being challenged with my own health concerns, I have learned some things are easier to retrieve from one place or the other.

There is a young man who works at the store gathering the shopping carts to return inside. As I walked away he came over to help her into her car and returned the electric cart she had been using. As I drove away, he and I made eye contact and he gave me a big thumbs up and I gave one back to him.

It felt so good for me to help another in such a small way, but I could tell it was a bigger way for her as it would have been challenging for her to balance herself and remove items from her cart, so for at least part of her journey something was made a little easier for her. – Kim

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