I’m still smiling about this one thing

I Love That Feel Good Buzz You Get When You Make Someone Smile

While I was in Washington I was at a pizza place and saw an elderly couple. The man was in an electric wheelchair and appeared not to have much use of his arms. His wife also arrived in an electric wheelchair but left hers outside because there wasn’t room for two in the small space. She hobbled inside and fed her husband his food. It was just so sweet watching them. So I went to the counter, away from those I was dining with, and paid for their meal asking that they not be told it was me.

I wasn’t there to see their reactions. But from the reaction of the cashier, I don’t think it is something that is done there very often. She was shocked but then got a very big smile on her face.

I wish I had been more comfortable to do this in front of the people at my table. But I didn’t know them very well and I’m always afraid to come across as “showing off” even though it’s just me being me.

Once back home I had three things happen where others paid it forward and I benefited. It just shows that doing good things brings it back to you in so many ways. That is never a reason I do kind things but it truly always does come back in unexpected ways and at unexpected times.

I’m still smiling about this one thing weeks later. Just imagining the surprise of the man and his wife when they asked for their check makes me smile. – Kim

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