In her honour.

So yesterday I was visiting my mother in law at the oncology level of the hospital. I actually remembered to take the chocolate bars with Ripple Kindness cards stuck to them with me.

The first went to the lovely volunteer lady who sits at a little desk near the lifts to give people directions to the different areas. Thanked her for her hard work, and I was rewarded with a lovely smile. 🙂

The second was given anonymously to the lady in the bed next to our mother in law, she lent us a nail polish pen to paint my MIL’s nails.

The third we gave to a young orderly who was particularly patient and caring when moving our MIL in and out of bed, we told him we really appreciated the way he was with her.

The last, and possibly my favourite was for a young student nurse that had been given a bit of a hard time by an older trainer lady in front of a few people and we over heard. So I found her on our way out and told her we thought she might need a smile. She was blown away and got a little teary (as did I) and was extremely appreciative.

Wow – how far have I come!?! haha. From being too scared, to doing four in a matter of hours. And the exciting part is I am going to start a page and do acts of kindness in honour of my Mother In law! Wish me luck! – Amanda 🙂

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