It only took 2 minutes

If We All Did One Random Act Of Kindness Daily.

It only took 2 minutes.

Today as I was driving along a main road I saw a broken down 4 wheel drive sitting in the right lane. Everyone just drove around it – annoyed that they were inconvenienced. I pulled my car over onto the median strip and jumped out, just as the guy in the car in front of me jumped out too. It was a car full of flustered P-platers who didn’t know what to do! So between us all, we pushed the car off the road and onto the median strip and safety.

They said thank you as we jumped back into our cars and continued along down the road leaving them to sort out whatever was wrong with the car (I’m confident they all had mobiles so they would have been able to call for help from there.).

Total time taken to help them – about 2 minutes. I can’t believe all the people that just drove around them. I have been the one stuck at the lights before in the broken down car and I’ve been the one on the other end of someone else’s kindness when they’ve jumped out of their car and helped me move it. Hopefully, one day when they see a broken down car, they’ll remember this day and take two minutes to help. – Rachel

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