The positive really does outweigh the negative

I want to share something positive that happened today that confirms my belief in humanity due to the unselfish act of a total stranger. There seems to be so much negativity in this world, but there are good people out there and sometimes we are made aware of them when we least expect it.

My family had been planning a yard sale for several weeks. Our five-year-old son Braxton, asked if he could set up a lemonade stand during the yard sale. He wanted to make a little money and start saving up to buy a pre-owned XBOX360 and a Minecraft game. He has been talking about it almost non-stop and couldn’t wait for the day to finally arrive.


Braxton woke up extra early at 6:00 am and couldn’t hide his excitement. After setting everything out for the yard sale, we made the lemonade and baked some cookies for him to begin his entrepreneurial adventure.

After about an hour or more into the yard sale we had several customers, but Braxton still had not sold any lemonade. A young woman walked up with her baby to browse the items. She selected a couple of baby toys for just $2 and paid with a $5 bill. She refused to accept the change back. Although she didn’t even want a cup of lemonade, she still wanted to donate the extra $3 to Braxton and he couldn’t have been happier to receive his first little bit of money for the day.

While making small talk, we told her about his plan to save his money to buy an XBOX360 with his profits for the day. The woman left and we talked about how it was nice of her to donate the $3 to him and not even accept any lemonade. We didn’t give it much thought after that, but the story doesn’t end there.

Several minutes passed and the woman returned. I actually thought she may have changed her mind and wanted a cup of lemonade after all. Of course, I couldn’t have been more wrong. She was carrying an envelope this time. She handed it to us and said it was for Braxton to help buy his XBOX360. We thanked her and she walked away. We opened the envelope after she left and found a $100 bill.

We don’t know this woman and had never seen her before. She doesn’t know us nor does she know our son. It was just a random act of kindness by a total stranger that will make a little five-year-old boy’s wish come true. She obviously did not do it for praise or recognition. She just did it out of the kindness of her heart and we cannot thank her enough.

I wanted to share to thank this wonderful stranger and show others that good people really do exist. Contrary to what some may think, the positivity in this world really does outweigh the negative. – Chris 🙂

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