It was under a porta loo!

My daughter had her bag stolen once about 2 years ago. It was found in a garbage bin outside the restaurant. The only thing missing was her wallet. Two nights later there was a knock on the front door. A middle aged man was standing there and he asked if my daughter lived at the address. I said that she did but that she was out.He handed me her wallet and said he was collecting porta loos from a building site about 40km’s from the city and her found it under one of them. To my surprise it still contained all her cards and the $90 she had in it, as well as the old receipts and other assorted rubbish that she carries around. I thanked him but he didn’t want to leave his name. I offered him the $50 note that was in there for taking the time to come to our house and he thanked me but said he noticed she was a student and he had a son who’s a student too and knows how hard things can be. There are some lovely people out there. Although goodness knows how the wallet turned up 40km’s away and completely in tact! – Bronwyn

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