K.B.’s Legacy of Kindness

K.b.Several weeks ago, I was contacted by Crista who had recently lost a treasured friend. She told me how amazing her friend was and how she’d found love late in life with her best friend Chris.

K.B. and Chris had only been married a short time when K.B. passed away, but the thing that he remembered most about the love of his life was her generosity and kindness.

Crista asked me in an email, if she could pay for 5,000 kindness cards to be printed as a tribute to her friend K.B. She told me she only wanted 200 to be sent to Canada which she would give to Chris and for me to send out the rest as I normally would. 

I told Crista I would be honoured to organize that for her and went about creating a card with the line “Create a ripple of kindness in memory of K.B. Sterling – kindnessbykb.org” on the back.

Well the cards arrived yesterday and much to my surprise, Phil the printer had doubled the quantity, donating 5,000 cards in memory of K.B. himself. I was over the moon that already K.B. has had an influence in spreading kindness and that kindness started on the other side of the world to where she lived.

Chris set up a website and facebook page in memory of K.B.
I hope you visit and read more about this amazing woman who so many remember for her kindness.

Facebook – Kindness by KB
Website – http://kindnessbykb.org/

I would also like to acknowledge and thank Phil from http://www.publicationperspectives.com.au/ for his generosity in donating extra cards.


  1. Jim Sterling says:

    Thank you so much for adding to the extent of the ripple of kindness. KB’s spirit of kindness was so strong within her family and it’s wonderful to see it touching more people every day.

  2. Thank you SO much for sharing this. K.B.’s legacy will help your worldwide ripple of change.

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