Karma, what goes around, comes around!

I was given a nice pay it forward today. I was getting my hair cut and my stylist and I were talking about food and I said how I would love to go for sushi. She said well, why don’t you go? I told her about the unexpected medical bills I had this week when I had an asthma attack and needed a breathing treatment and steroid shot, plus the cost of the doctors visit. I was going to cancel my haircut, but I really needed one.

As I was leaving, she gave me back $20 of the $35 I gave her for my haircut and told me to go enjoy some sushi. I didn’t want to take the money, but she said I couldn’t deny her doing something nice for someone who was always giving to others. I had given this same lady an extra $15 in the spring to pay it forward in any way she chose. She said in all her 65 years, no one had ever done that. She ended up buying gas for a lady with 3 kids at the gas station and said she has really been getting into doing for others and loves how it makes her feel.

So I went and bought some sushi and sent her a picture of my beautiful plate. It was a very nice treat and a super bonus for me getting a great haircut and sushi. Karma paid forward in a most unexpected way! – Kim

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