Keep it for next time

I was in the supermarket and a man approached me with just a few coins in his hand. We were both in the pet food aisle and I was buying food for my cats. I had noticed him looking at the prices and then looking at the coins in his hand and when he came up to me I knew what he needed. “Excuse me Miss, I have a cat at home but I don’t have enough money here to buy her some food. Would you have a couple of dollars spare?”

I could see he was down on his luck and as I spoke to him I noticed his eyes light up when he spoke about his cat. Without hesitation I gave him a few dollars and after he had picked up the food he wanted and moved on, I added a few more cans and pouches to my trolley and then I quickly went to the tea aisle next to that and picked up some tea bags and some biscuits and went to the check-out. He was just ahead of me in the queue so I said to the checkout operator to add his purchases to mine and to bag up the tea and biscuits and extra cat food for him too. With tears in his eyes he said “but Miss you have already given me some money” but I just smiled and said “keep it for next time you need to buy your little cat some food” and I walked out of that store on air knowing that one man and one little cat were going to have a better day. – Caryn

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