Keep spreading the love y’all.

Kindness Does Matter.
Long story cut short… back in 2007 I was doing the Great Ocean Road in Victoria and went out to dinner with my wife in this gorgeous little seaside town (Apollo Bay I think it was) and during our meal I noticed this lovely older couple enjoying each others’ company whilst dining out also. We were the only two couples in this quaint little restaurant this particular evening and it was wonderful.

Anyway, I went up to pay for our meal and decided to ask the teenage girl at the till if she could sort the bill for the other people as well as I wanted to pay for their meal. She was quite confused and probably taken back a bit too I guess, saying “umm, they’ve just asked to see the dessert & coffee menu” to which I replied something like “well if they decide to indulge then they will have to pay for that.”

The young girl was a bit mystified and asked me if I knew them? I told her I had never seen them before and requested that if they decided against having dessert and or coffee could she stall a bit in order to allow me & my wife time to disappear before giving them the good news. I settled our account and theirs, then as I walked away the gentleman approached the counter saying that they weren’t going to have dessert or coffee and I quickly ushered my wife out the door (she was wondering why the rush so I had to explain my strange haste as we strode off out the door and up the street). As we departed, I watched the young girl fumble and stall as I had requested and then the biggest and most beautiful smile came across her face as she delivered the good news!

Now, this was such a heartwarming experience, not only for the elderly couple but also the young girl, myself and my (confused) wife. The elderly couple were treated to a delicious meal, the young girl was part of a wonderful and possibly life-altering experience (for her), one which I’m sure she will talk about and remember the rest of her life, and I got such a wonder-filled feeling of LOVE and goodness from the deed.

Keep Spreading The LOVE Y’all ~ Glen, the Love Warrior

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