Kill an hour, win a heart

We Must Give More In Order To Get More. It Is The Generous Giving Of Ourselves That Produces The Generous Harvest

When a hospital was within easy reach, I’d often organize my day so that I’d have a spare hour or two to visit a random elderly person in hospital.

I’d simply go to the nurse’s station, say I had an hour to kill and ask if there was an elderly patient who could do with a visitor.

Sadly, there always was: usually more than one.

I’d just go to them, say I was stuck for an hour and ask if they’d keep me company, and then I would listen.

And I would learn.

It was a multiple win!

It honestly did me as much good as it did them because for that hour or two none of my concerns mattered.

And the nurses loved it too.

It was never a formal thing but I’d do it regularly and often so the nurses used to choose the nominated patients and have the info ready in case I did turn up.

I highly recommend that people just try it. – Bev

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  1. Rose Luckett says:

    I love this idea! Thanks for sharing.

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