A few kind words put a spring in her step.

Someone Else'S Shoes.
One day while I was out shopping, I saw a cleaner in the shopping centre wiping down tables in the food court. The look on her face was blank and distant and I wondered what it would be like to have spent so many years cleaning her own family home only to go out each day to clean somewhere else. By the look on her face, I decided that it couldn’t be very rewarding. I went to the flower shop and selected the most cheery bunch I could find.

When I returned, she had started to walk away with her cleaning cart, so I stopped her and started a conversation. She looked utterly shocked when I thanked her for the hard work she does, told her I appreciate being able to sit at a clean table and gave her the flowers (with a kindness card).

I saw her again later with the flowers proudly displayed in her cart and she now had a spring in her step and a smile on her face. Lis

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