Kindness came to the rescue!

I think the biggest most unbelievable act of kindness that saved us was when an acquaintance that we had known for years, but not well (their daughter was in preschool with our daughter). They knew we were struggling, had lost our business/home/cars etc. She walked up at the school open house and handed me an envelope. I thought maybe she knew it was my younger daughters birthday and had put a little token in there, but when I got home and opened the envelope there was $1000 in it! I started to cry and called her telling her there was NO WAY I could ever except it. She told me she and her husband had prayed about it and felt in their hearts they wanted to do it. It kept our family going for quite sometime and was the hugest blessing!

I may never be able to pay them back, but I make sure that each day I find a way to pay it forward. – DeannaΒ β™₯

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