Kindness comes back to you

Big Things.
Two days ago my elderly neighbour came to my home quite distressed. She has been trying to deal with an unusual life situation on her own and combined with lack of sleep, felt she was going crazy. I let her talk it out and then we went to her home, and I stayed with her for a couple of hours to give her emotional support. Then yesterday, I visited her again for about an hour and she was feeling a little better and said had made a doctors appointment for this morning.

She came after her doctors visit to let me know how it went and how her doctor was helping with meds and advice. Then, as she was going she asked me if I still wanted to have my tomcat neutered.

She knew I had trouble finding the funds to do this. She said she knew how distressed I become whenever something happens to any of my pets and wanted to pay for my boy’s operation.

She has a habit of putting $5 away each week, and she had enough to pay the costs. I have known her about 13 years and have learnt that when she wants to do something for me, it is because she really wants to, and feels hurt if I refuse.

It really seems too much to have such an expensive reward for just being a good neighbour, but then I also feel that by accepting it, I am allowing her to say ‘thank you’, to show her appreciation in her own way.

I am blessed to have such a beautiful neighbour. – Annie <3

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